Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seasonal Disorder

January to March: worst time to blog. Across the land, you can find posts from those apologizing for going so long off-post, for losing their knack and need for words, for being lazy and sloppy, for no longer caring if folks find their thoughts riveting.

It’s also the dead zone for hockey fans. All-star break, trade deadline, mean-nothing low-scoring groaners, superstar injuries and redundant groin pulls. But March is here, and like the pure and lovely fawn lily, bloggers and optimists once again upturn their pimply, pale faces to the sunlight of the playoff run. (Jan-March: terrible metaphors happen.)

The standings are too tight for me to fully commit to anything, plus I have tendonitis in my shoulder so can’t mow the lawn and fume about coaching decisions and inane eastern broadcasters, and so I am unable to reveal my true feelings about the Canucks (Trev: chin up), but until I do, I’m envious of those hockey bloggers who kept beating even through the dead zone. I’m also grateful. A number of them kindly read and reviewed Cold-cocked and not only did they say nice things, but they said smart and interesting and funny things, too.

The book biz is mighty tight and testy, and it offers writers plenty of ways to feel ignored or undervalued (“Ya ya: boo hoo. Suck it up, you filthy Swede,” snarls my Cherry-esque alter-ego). Sometimes the best that can happen is if somebody in a far off land lets you know they got a kick out of your work. Correction: that’s always the best that can happen. Some night recently, a Washington Capitals blogger stopped watching Ovechkin take over the world long enough to blog that he was reading Cold-cocked and liked it. I’m honored.

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David Leach said...

You think you've got seasonal disorder. What about us Sens fans? We've got not one but two head cases for goalies, plus a Dr. Jekyll / Mr Hyde line-up that's brilliant one month/week/game and couldn't beat a peewee squad the next. Oy vey!